Saturday, November 6, 2010

Enjoying life

I am enjoying my life very much right now. I tend to live my life always for the next thing. It makes for a pretty frustrating, and discontent life. I try to say I am content, but if I am truthful with myself, I am not. Recently the Lord was so sweet to me and told me that what I want is not necessarily bad, or bad for me, but that I needed to just wait and trust Him, and enjoy my life as it is right now. I have been so happy since I resigned myself to the Lord's will. I am excited to see where He leads us as I wait for Him.

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Sarah said...

Thank you, Hannah. I think I need to learn that very same lesson, especially being unemployed right now and questioning my worth. I really appreciate you sharing this! I miss you and wish we could go to Starbucks right now!