Friday, May 7, 2010

My Terrible, Horrible, No good, Very bad day

Yesterday I woke up and it all started. Actually it started the night before when I found out that my meeting over lunch actually started an hour earlier than I had told my mom, who had agreed to watch Israel. It was already complicated: I was supposed to bring Izzy to the church and leave him in the nursery for mom to pick up, she would take him to Megan's and then after I was finished meet me at this school where she was headed to watch a play! Whew! But then, when I found out that my meeting was a whole hour earlier, I tried calling her only to have the phone ring continually and no one answer. So I left that problem to deal with in the morning. Well, moring came and the problem just didn't work out like I had hoped. I still couldn't get a hold of mom, and this time it was for a different reason. Israel had a runny nose and I couldn't put him in the nursery (turns out I could have afterall). So I started to get frustrated. Joel wanted to call his mom, but his mom had babysat the day before and I felt bad having the only times we called them be for a favor so I wouldn't let him. After trying to make it work, I finally realized that it wasn't a big enough deal to go to a whole bunch of trouble and running around. Then I started snowballing and getting overwhelmed by all the responsibilities in my life and feeling like I can never get anything done around the house, or errands run, or even my hair cut, and still have Izzy home to take his naps. It just doesn't work! This morning, I decided to forgo his morning nap and take Joel to work and run to the fabric store so I could try to make his curtains. This is where the next disaster comes in. While at Walmart I saw the blinds that I wanted for his room. Well, my stupid overloaded mind didn't connect two and two and inform me that I only needed blinds OR curtains. No, it just let me look at those blinds, and say to myself "Oh good, those are cheaper here than at the other store." Then it let me continue onto the fabric store spend 15.00 only to get home and destore the curtains! Okay, maybe not destroy, but at the moment they were unsalvageable. But before that I went ahead and went to the lunch part of my meeting WITH Israel. He did great, but I guess I had talked myself into thinking I was important enough to have to be there when really I wasn't and so spending the 7.50 on chicken fingers just made me mad.  Back home, and an hour later I was on the phone with Joel, telling him about the curtains and my mixed up mind, and the needless spending of 15.00. Of course he was gracious...about that. But then he dropped the next bomb. Throughout the events of this day, I was so looking forward to going over to my mother-in-law's for dinner because I had no desire to cook. But Joel told me that they actually had something going on, and so Julianne (Joel's sister) was coming over to our house! Oh boy, that started the tears flowing. I got off the phone with him, crawled into my bed and cried. Then my mom called, came over and gave words of encouragement. I got to spend some time with my family, Izzy woke up, we took a walk (which was super hard with the strong winds) and on the way back my brother-in-law pulled up with a vase of flowers..."to make my day better" he said! So little by little I picked myself up, straightened up my house, and was ready to sit down with a glass of wine with my hubby when he got home.

So even thought the day started and went not the way I wanted it to, God was still faithful and gave me little things to smile about.

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