Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Little white things of deliciousness

I LOVE the little white powdered donutes! They are so cute and tiny, and just melt in your mouth. I could eat hundreds of them! Every once in a while Joel will surprise me with these little things of deliciousness, and Saturday was one of those days. He actually bought them for Sunday, but that is not important. Israel has had them before but Sunday and the same today, he just went nuts over them. He gets so excited about stuff (just like his mamma) and today was no exception. He snarffed 3 of the down and wanted more. I was already feeling guilty for feeding him fake food, so I ended up fixing him some french toast instead. Now, don't get me wrong, and think that I am the kind of mom that feeds my kid junk food all the time....just when I am out of everything else. Plus I think that we need some splurges in our life now and then. Here is my son, enjoying his little white donut as much as his mommy does!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Izzy tidbits at 15 months

Israel is 15 months old. He is growing up so fast, and I am enjoying every minute of it. Sometimes I stop and am in awe at how big he is getting because it seems like we get going about our lives and then all of a sudden he is bigger! He is saying so many words like "no" , "yes", Thanx", "Bible", "Bubble", "Ball", And various other words that we can't fully understand. His newest word is "Cool Dude!" and he says this when he puts on his cool sunglasses.

He loves to eat with a fork and his newest thing is popcorn! Oh does he love it. And he doesn't just put one piece in his mouth, he takes a handful, throws his head back as he puts it in his mouth like daddy does.

He loves his blanket and calls it "Diti." Every morning we walk in and he immediately holds up diti and wants out. He now finds it along with his paci when he wants to be held and cuddled. I love it! I love that he has something that comforts him. 

We are in the process of transitioning away from the morning nap and that has been okay. It is a lot easier when we have errands to run or something to do to keep us busy. It is hard when we are home all day and I have to come up with things to keep him occupied and not cranky. But we will make it.

He loves to play with the pots and pans. I think that he just might grow up to be a cook of some sort. He loves to color (only for a few seconds though), loves to play ball, and LOVES the park. We go there a lot! His best buddies are Melody, and Levi and it is always a treat to see them.

We have started using cloth diapers and so far it is not that bad. If I think about it too much when I am rinsing out a diaper I think I might throw-up, but if I just do it, then I am okay. I will not be doing this for the rest of my life right?

We are loving this stage. We love to cuddle, listen to music and sing Snuggle Puppy.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I have recently started making decorative travel wipe boxes, and have them posted on my Etsy account here. If you would like to order a custom one with a special color scheme let me know and I would be happy to make one for you!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Secrets, surprises, and dates

We have one special date night a month. We set aside a certain amount each month and wait for that perfect time (or make the perfect time) to go out just the two of us. Last week Joel said we should go out Friday and send Izzy to my mom and dad's for the night. So I made the arrangments and we looked forward to a fun evening together. Joel kept saying how excited he was, and I thought he was just being sweet to be so happy to spend undivided attention with me. But Friday morning when I dropped him off at work, he gets out of the car, and walks into his work but before the door closes he turns around and says "Oh, make sure you pack an overnight bag!" I was shocked! But he wouldn't tell me anything. So all day I tried to figure out where he was taking me. I was already so excited because we were going to my favorite place...Utica Square...to do some jean shopping (since I can't find jeans for my body at just a normal store) and then to dine at P.F. Chang's, and then end with some delicious coffee at Starbucks. But with this added surprise, I was so excited.

The time came, I dropped Izzy off with mom, and picked up Joel. He was waiting for me outside and once he was inside the car I asked him to please reveal the secret. At first he wouldn't, but after telling him that I wanted to be able to enjoy the evening and look forward to what was coming, he broke down. He had found this adorable little hotel at 6th and Peoira calld th Savoy. It was charming! We had such a fun time. We both found jeans that we desperately needed. Dinner was sublime, coffee was delicious, and the hotel was fabulous! We slept in till 9:00 Saturday and we felt so refreshed and our love rekindled. We should do this more often.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Summer time

Growing up the icecream truck was a novelty. It was a such a treat whenever we got a chance to get one of those dripping, cold, delicious, creamy icecream cones!

So the other day when Izzy woke up from his nap we were sitting on the couch when I heard the famous icecream truck song. I couldn't resist it! I grabed Izzy, and my dollar and rushed outside to make sure I didn't miss it. Izzy wasn't so sure what to think about the popcycle, but it was sure cute to watch him!

"What is this, mom?"

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

"These are a few of my favorite things"

Besides Sound of Music and Julie Andrews being on of my favorite things...I love rainy afternoons when the house is cleaned up, the baby is in bed, and there is nothing on my to do list but to take a nap. I was a little bummed when it stopped raining and I started to see the sun peeping through. I tried to hurry home so that I could still fall asleep to Sense and Sensibility while it was still a little overcast. You might wonder what the two have in common. Nothing really, except that Sense and Sensibility has a rainy part in it, and it such a calming movie with beautiful music. Just writing about it is making me crave it. Oh, but I have to mention one more thing about favorite things...and this has absolutely NOTHING to do with my favorite things but I thought it was clever. I just saw a commercial the other day...a hair one...with clever words put to the tune of this song ending of course with the phrase "these are a few of my favorite things". It was cute. Okay, so that was random. But I really encourage you to take off your red shoes, fix a cup of tea, and put on one of you favorite soothing movies and enjoy this cloudy day!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

There are millions and millions of toys out there. And the toy industry wants to make us think we need all of them to keep our kids happy. Well, sorry to bust there plan, but I am here to tell you, that no, you do not need all the toys in the world. All you need is a coffee can and a blender lid. Maybe some pots and pans, and a spoon to stir the imaginary food! For the past few days these have been Izzy's favorite toys.
 He will play for HOURS! I love it! I open "his" cabinet in the kitchen and he gets out his favorite things. Actually for the past several days he just follows me around and finds interesting things around the house and plays with them. He still loves him books, and his music, but the other toys he can do without. Maybe he will be a chef!