Friday, April 30, 2010

Rocket Crawler!!

I have a pro rocket crawler! I went to the store today to look for some clothes for Izzy. It was lunch time, and he was tired, so I didn't feel like putting up with him stuck in a shopping cart. The floor is all carpet, and it is a consignment store, so a little more layed back, therefore I thought it was okay to just set him down on the floor and give him something to play with. but he wasn't down on the ground 5 minutes when I look away for a second, look back and he is gone! I look under the rack of clothes both ways, and see him about 10 fee away looking at a book. It was like he flew over there! So the whole rest of the time I was chasing my little crawler as he scurried here and there, crying when I had to try some shoes on him, and laughing when I had to chase him down. I was so embarrased! I probably looked like one of those mothers who I swore I would never be, and swore I would "train my child so that he would be perfect all the time!" Ha! How silly I was...when I didn't have a child. I think I will put up with the shopping cart next time so that our visit to the store isn't a show.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Air Show

Joel loves airplanes. As a kid he wanted to be a pilot, and if he could, he would still get his license. That is the whole reason why we decided to decorate Izzy's room with airplanes. Joel talks about all the air shows that he went to with his dad, he runs outside everytime he hears something that sounds a little different than a normal commercial plane, and he has been wanting to go to an airshow with Izzy for awhile now. A couple months ago he found out that Tulsa was hosting an air show and we put it on the calendar. Saturday it came. We sat in traffic for over an hour until we finaly got to where we could park. We went ahead and parked, not know how far we would have to walk. I am not sure,  but I believe that it was probably a 2 mile walk! At least 1.5 miles. We finally made it and it was such a joy to see Joel smiling from ear to ear all day. It was fun to see all the cool planes and Izzy was wonderful. He even took a 30 min nap in the middle of all the noise. After a long afternoon we started the long trek back to the car, praying that it wouldn't rain. Well we were hoofin it, passing everyone! But we didn't make it time. It started raining, and we started running! I don't know how far we ran, not far, but we did it, Joel pushing a big stroller and me in my chaco's! We got to the car, Izzy having no idea what we just put ourselves through just for him, exhausted and ready to go home. But a good time was had by all, and we look forward next year!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

One too many times

I am deathly afraid of knives. Everytime I picture or think about cutting something with a kitchen knife I shudder because I have cut myself one too many times. I have some pretty tales that will make you shiver and wish you had never heard it. Last night is one of them. I was so excited because I was making a fruit pizza for our company. I LOVE these! But I foolishly cooked it on my stone and I have never before had much success with cooking things on this thing. But I did it anyway, and I sprayed it first, like the recipe told me to. But much to my dismay, the cookie would not come off! It was really embarrasing to have my cute little darling friend (who I am sure never makes mistakes like this) watching over my shoulder as I used all of my might to try to scrape the delicious stuff off! I was using a pie server witha knife like edge on one side. But it is NOT very sharp. Well I was pushing with all my might, the server slipped and sliced my finger. I calmly dropped it, and stepped over to the sink and kept my composer as I ran my bloody finger under cold water trying to see how deep the cut really was. Once dessert was out, the husband of the couple, who is a doctor declared it would be okay and in need of only a band-aid. We got a good laugh, and a silly picture and a very sorry sore finger from all of it and even though we had a great eveing, I would not like to repeat that part of it ever again!

Friday, April 16, 2010


I have a son who will not eat vegetables. It has been such a struggle until...I decided to get smart. Don't get me wrong, I still make him take one bite even if it means forcing it into his mouth, because sometimes he thinks he doesn't like it and then when he tates it, he finds out he does. But to be able to get more veggies in him I resorted to my favorite cookbook right now. It is called Deceptively Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld. She has kid friendly recipes that have certain veggies hidden in them. She has tested, and retested these and says they are the best of the best. I have tried the chicken nuggest with brocoli, mozzarella sticks with cauliflower, pancakes with sweet potatoes, pita pizzas with spinach, applesauce muffins with carrots, and my personal favorite...Macaroni and cheese with cauliflower! It is the best homemade mac and cheese ever! I am so thrilled with this book and even excited to cook some meals for us grown-ups out of it. Everything I have cooked has been really yummy and Israel has eaten them up! He is eating veggies and he doesn't even know it!!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A week to remember

A week ago today I headed out with my Izzy to brave highway 75 all the way to Texas! All. By. Myself. I took along with me my trusty helpers, the Hide 'm' In Your Heart Steve Green DVDs that Captures Israel's attention for the full 30 min. They were a life saver! He did a wonderful job, even though he didn't sleep as long as I would have liked at first. But it all turned out well, and we made good time.

I was going to see my friend who has a daugter 6 weeks older than Izzy. They spent Thursday afternoon getting to know each other and trying to figure out how to share their toys. We had a great time together, and even managed to get away for the evening by ourselves because Hannah's husband (yes we have the same name) offered to stay home and watch the sleeping babies. But our good times were quickly over when I woke up Saturday morning throwing up. This was not good since this was the day that I was supposed to make the treck home. Hannah and her husband were wonderful and took care of me and Israel until I could somewhat function again. Hannah's family lives in Texas too, so she took the kids over there to play for the afternoon while I rested. So instead of coming home Saturday, we left Sunday morning and made it home just in time for me to collapse in bed for a long afternoon nap. While I was gone though, Joel and his dad were hard at work here putting in new windows!

The day after we got back: Monday, and Tuesday and Wednesday...Israel has been whinny and cranky and not much of an eater. I think he is teething again, but haven't seen anything yet. I am hopeful for today, even though he went to bed at 9 last night and woke up at 6:30 this morning. We will see where that leads us.  But thankfully he is a strong growing boy (59th percentile in height and weight, 10th percentile in head) And we are loving him.


I goofed. I was trying to be all cool and add labels to my posts, but I must have done something wrong because when I saved it, it re-plublished the post with the date that I made the labels. So if you have read my blog and then noticed a few repeats...I am not crazy, I just didn't know exactly what I was doing. But it only happened to a few, and a couple of those I was able to change back to the original date.